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what we do

we provide distribution and marketing management to brands in the pet industry in Greece and Cyprus

how we do it

Customer Centric Marketing

We address customer needs at all touchpoints during the whole customer journey. We convey the value proposition of brands in accordance to their positioning through strategies that nurture two-way collaborative relationships in both B2B and B2C channels.

We ensure brand messages are always delivered consistently, at the right place, at the right time,  with the right method and to the right audience. 

Efficient Operations Management

Our operations management approach is aligned with the strategic objectives of each brand. 

Our ultimate goal is the optimisation of operational efficiency through inventory management, quality control, supply chain management and customer service. 

Long Lasting Relationships

We invest in mutually beneficial long-lasting relationships with all partners, customers and staff. 

We instill our values of integrity and respect in everything we do.

who we are

Our Heritage The Asteris family penetrated the pet industry as a pet accessory manufacturer and distributor in 2011, when the brand "woofmoda" was created. The new generation of the family utilised the experience and craftmanship passed-on from previous generations to create the most popular pet accessory brand in Greece. The family's yiayia (grandmother), Mrs Maria – a master tailor and garment manufacturer – taught them what business is all about, what it means to strive for excellence, to persevere, to appreciate and to respect others.

In 2020, having built a strong and loyal network of partners, the family established Asteris Group. A company that provides to other brands what made woofmoda so successful: customer centric marketing, efficient operations management and long-lasting relationships.


our brands

Asteris Group currently represents the following brands in Greece and Cyprus.

woof moda

Pet accessories designed and produced in-house by the Asteris family, using decades of craftmanship and care. The perfect balance between aesthetics, quality and value.

The products are manufactured in the family’s factory in Greece and present a strong statement of heritage and Greek ethos.

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High quality holistic pet food made with love by a family business. It is grain-free, contains hypoallergic protein sources, such as fish and lamb, and is complemented with superfoods and organic ingredients.

The family’s values are conveyed in the recipes and final product, by explicitely depicting their farm and grandchildren on the packaging. The ultimate guarantee of quality.

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A well-known successful brand originally created in 2001 and completely redesigned and enhanced in 2021.

Everland puts at the heart of its proposition the special relationship you have with your dog or cat and the comfort you bring to it for its development within the family.

Premium pet food for dogs and cats made in France by ADM.

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Wolpy pet food

WOLPY pet food covers the nutritional needs of pets with specialised recipes according to physical activity.

Solutions for both normal activity pets and also those engaged in activities such as sports and hunting.

A complete range of pet food for dogs and cats made in France by ADM.

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Thousands of products covering different categories such as: leashes, collars, harnesses, beds, pet wipes, shampoo and more.

Freedog is a Spanish brand with international presence that offers the absolute balance between quality and price.

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Specialised pet beds that support the musculoskeletal system and retain optimum temperature due to the unique Thermo-Reflection technology. 

Designed and produced with innovative materials that add unique functionalities for both comfort and wellness.

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A range of unique  natural and welfare oriented nutritional supplement with olive oil.

All OlviPet products are gluten-free, sugar-free, made from 100 % purely natural ingredients and rich on natural Omega 3 and Omega 5 fatty acids. It is based on a immune-boosting formula supports the heart, blood circulation, the metabolism, the skin and the change of coat.

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Patented pet accessory products for everyone who ‘expects more’.

Designed and produced with care to master the challenge presented by the material used.

Suitable for all pet owners as well as professionals.

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